The stream of welfare

Many ecclesiastical practices are looking for the possibility to combine both ways of material and ecclesiastical and it is not always possible to solve this properly, and often a person has to sacrifice one for the other. You have to make a choice either the material way and development in the society. Or the way of ecclesiastical quest associated with a turning-down from material wealth and some kind of downshifting (slowing down or weakening of the process).

But in fact, you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. Nothing from the material world be it food, physical state or well-being, in no way specify the possibility of receiving of ecclesiastical benefits. These are completely unrelated things. You don’t need to sacrifice, it’s important to put the right priorities and as a result your ecclesiastical development naturally becomes the source of material benefits, only this way or never vice versa.

There is a very bright example, the richest man in the history of humanity- the King Solomon, who built the Jerusalem temple, which is, according the legend, сcompletely covered with the golden plates. Just only a small part of it has survived in the form of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and it gives us the idea greatness of the of the temple and that era.

Meanwhile, Solomon, who left behind him the famous Book of Proverbs of King Solomon, did not put material values over anything, considering them transitory, but truly appreciated the Spirit of Wisdom that once descended upon him.

  • Wisdom is the Old Testament understanding of the Word, created the world – Jesus Christ, it was the real wealth, both in those distant time and ours.
  • In this Divine power and energy, which have been descending on a man for the centuries, people have received revelation, consolation and the source of the life both as an ecclesiastical and material ones.
  • This is the true value and wealth, eternal imperishable and unchanging.

My work of using the method of Synergy, aimed at well-being as a way of presentation the energy of the ecclesiastical plane in the material world is devoted to this opportunity to receive ecclesiastical wealth, as a possible source of material well-being.

You always should remember that there is only one God who is the source of all visible and invisible and you should return only to Him for the solving the material difficulties and fulfill of desires.

I invite everyone to an individual course, aimed at solving the material problems and finding the correct path in this issue.

Energy has its own source

As all in the world, energy has its own source. A person, unlike unbodied beings, has the temporary source of energy in himself while he lives, but he also has the ability to draw from an eternal source, like everything living, visible and invisible.

Exactly this temporary source of energy of our earthly world, gives us an alternative of choice and allows us to turn away from God and His life-giving power. But, nevertheless, our internal resource is not only temporary, but also limited and in order to fully use it, we need a struggle for existence with our own kind, which is a property of our world and the engine of its evolution.

Money and material well-being in the material world have long become an equivalent of survival energy and living power and as any other energy has its own source. The limitation of internal source has its expression in the person’s exhaustion, emotional burnout and chronic fatigue. And of course, we are not able to live fully on our own energy and get everything we need.

Only the opening of the Divine energy in our life gives a huge inexhaustible resource of both vital and psychic forces, and their material embodiment. It has always been, it’s God’s blessing expressed in the Divine energy which we receive, allows us to reorganize our life and receive everything we need without exhaustion and internal losses. In practice, we can see it fully reorganization of our energetic and its unlimited efforts.

The dictate of the material over the ecclesiastical is a very longstanding illness of mankind, the sin of covetousness. We are gladly ready to go into the endless problems and concerns of the material world to the detriment of our ecclesiastical development and eternal life. In recent times, this problem has taken on an unprecedented scale.

Material benefits become the synonymous of happiness and well-being, that it’s not case. Wealth and well-being instead of expected freedom, in most cases bring new worries and problems and further subjugate a person. A person forgets his ecclesiastical basis and destroys the environment world around him in pursuit of all the new benefits of the transitory world.

Our virgin infatuation of material world and excessive concern for it not only distorts our true nature and energetic, but also leads to the death of our civilization.

Pandemic 2020

The current pandemic crisis shows that the nature can stand up for itself, and man’s position in the world is very fragile. The outbreak economic crisis constrains us not to look for new solutions in business and setting goals, but these decisions should also be based on the changes of our inner nature, or, a return to its true position, when spirit dominates on the substance.

It is manifested in the disclosed internal sources (chakras) and in the flow of the energy. And this original position can be restored in the process of the certain energy practice.

The main center of the vitality and survival in the environmental is the center of will (3rd energy center, Manipura) and it must be powered on the descending streams coming from the open center of the pineal gland (the 6th energy center, Ajna) – a source of unlimited energy resource, and not from the lower centers, which leads to inevitable burnout and exhaustion.

Exactly such work takes place during the author’s webinar, devoted to the welfare with the using of the author’s method of sound therapy- Synergy. Changing of the internal energy, cleansing, filling, opening of the necessary sources and changing of the energy’s flow, inevitably lead to a change in the material world, harmony and to the healing.

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