Tamara, Moscow

When is there a question from newcomer about what we are doing here? I would give the following answer: in our school we do and show, not to say. We don’t do NLP with the best slogans and brainwashing with false attunements. We do not blame others and the world for our misfortunes. We say little, explain sparingly, give only General developments, honed over the years. We look for the problems in ourselves. But here you need to work properly every day. It is like a deep breath in and breathe out of the personal freedom.

We do not fight with thought forms, do not go away from their influence. We simply learn to live in them and interact with them productively for our own and the common good. For us, all the negative aspects are lessons for going up. Troubles and annoying factors are just motivation to overcome your EGO. Every day we look inside ourselves and reveal ourselves from new side. Communication with others is the pleasant Symbiosis. We are ready to give a lot, but do not allow brazenly take away our strength and energy. The most important value for us is our loved ones.

World around us and nature are our inspirational motivation to perfection. Our credo is to help people, to do charity not for the sake of glory, but for the sake of helping our soul. Humility, compassion, love-this is what we are aimed on in this world. Anger, aggression, impatience, condemnation, meanness, avarice – these are the shackles that prevent you from flying up. We are many-the geography is extensive: Russia – from the South to Kamchatka, Europe, America. We are people of a new formation – we are people of Synergy!

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