Synergy and sacraments of church.
Why do we go to the temple?!

Synergy and sacraments of church.
Why do we go to the temple?!

St. Gregory Palamas said that, God sent the Divine energies to our world and that people would be able to sure in his existence. The energy of Divine grace is the basis of salvation and this salvation is already happening in our lives, from all the darkness surrounding us, diseases, sadness sorrows.

If we don’t feel and not to receive the grace, if there is no happiness and love right now, if our consciousness does not change, not to change the relationship to the closed one, if there are no feeling of love and gratitude to God, then there is no Faith either. When we experience the moments of awareness of the sinfulness of our soul and inner impurity, when repentance goes, of course, not to joy, but when you are cleansed of all this impurity, and the soul is filled with light and grace – joy, love and gratitude become your constant companions.

The sacraments of church and faith

Why, entering in the temples, we also see not the joy, but rather alienation and even anger in faces, these people are looking for the ecclesiastical support and they have entered the temples only by the body, but there is no Holly Spirit in them. Mostly cannot enter the temple for real, as in the image of your future house, out if this life.

The sacraments of the church often cannot help a man in a reason of unavailability, deep pollution and unbelief. The energy of divine grace is the key to the right comprehension of sacraments, only through this energy a man is capable to connect with the Holly Spirit and get the ecclesiastical gifts, which the Faith is carrying.

Feeling this energy in himself, a man begins to understand the meaning of what is happening to him, and understands why understands why he still needs to go to the Church and what the Faith is? The faith is not only what you do for the God, but what the God does for you, responding to your prayers and things, the way of life of a Christian. Each of us is capable to appreciate the fruits of his life and understand, where the good and the bad are in it, and what the Lord has brought into our lives or let what is happening to us evil. Punishment or blessing, poverty or wealth, joy or sadness?

Open heart and connection with the Holly Spirit

Most people believe that the fact of itself of crossing themselves, makes the God obliged to them, or that they have achieved what can be achieved, just as formally, many accept the sacraments of the Church, simply because they are not able to understand what it is and what it is for? The heart doesn’t open, there is no sense comprehension, there is no connection with the Holly Spirit.

Synergy and sacraments of church. Why do we go to the temple?

Our ecclesiastical culture is not onНy weak or underdevelopment, it didn’t’t even begin to develop, because initially most the majority puts the material above the ecclesiastical, and there is no understanding of the possibility of the ecclesiastical blessing! All of us are very far till the true faith and ecclesiastical feat, and also the way to our Temple is very difficult and long. There are a lot of temptations on this way, and not at once you want to return back. Without ecclesiastical mentoring to pass this way a neophyte is very difficult. Is everybody ready to accept hierarchy over himself or simply open a soul to the priest? Accept it as it should be, as an ecclesiastical father? Not everybody is ready for this, for the same reasons, there is no deep inner understanding, what the ecclesiastical blessing is and what it is for.

Ecclesiastical blessing and culture

Before, people were excommunicated from the Cup of sacrament and imposed penance and it was the hardest punishment, and now the majority, having the opportunity to visit the temple, don’t go to the church, because they don’t know and don’t understand why. This is, they punish themselves and even don’t understand this. And also laugh at the ancestors and their faith, calling them non-educational.

They embodied the commandment of Christ, who didn’t eat my body and drink my blood- wouldn’t have the immortal life. But now we would understand the earthly life, where and when to understand the eternal life. But the benefits of ecclesiastical immortal life are already reflected in our daily life and to our shame – we don’t know our faith and culture. Those faith, which has grown up us, brought up, cured, defended, made us Russian people!!!

The paradox is that now, having all benefits of civilization, medicine, comfortable conditions satiety, relatively easy work, etc. – we have a degenerate, not prosperous nation! According to all characteristics of quality of life- length of life, family wealth, health, intelligence and the ability to withstand external threats, and so on, we concede to our ancestors who lived with the Holy Spirit. These knowledge and skills are not gone, they are inside us, this is our ecclesiastical inherits, which should be revealed and the key for this revelation is Synergy.

Synergy is the life with the Holly Spirit!

Speaking about the observance of the sacraments of church and life – we mean the conscious return of a man to an ecclesiastical life, to the completely life in the unity with the Holly Spirit. That is a person, who becomes a drown up in the ecclesiastical world and takes the responsibility for his life, for the readiness to death, as a new birth, for his relatives, for his closed ones as living and dead.

Only the Lord through the unity with the Holly Spirit is able to give us such benefits. The life of a person in any way supports only by the Holly Spirit and our unconscious intake of this grace in the contract of the given to us conscious ecclesiastical way to the church is nothing more than ecclesiastical infancy. People without faith damage trinity of a man – body, soul, spirit and they are not incomplete.

As long as such man is pure and young, he feels himself good, he is a strong and health, and hope is alive in him, because the Lord keeps for him the hope to come to the faith. But few people can keep their soul pure especially in our days and gradually the soul is overgrown with sins and begin diseases, failures, poverty, inability to arrange their lives and continue the genus.

If passion has conquered a man, if impurity has found its place in his soul. The person himself, even realizing will not be able to cope, he needs help. Many seek to receive a help from doctors and psychologists to gurus and adepts of other scientists, but the completely help eradicating the very root cause of impurity – excommunication from God – can only be provided in the Church.

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Sacrament of the Holy Communion

This is the most basis thing in the church, but it is also one with other sacraments (Christening, Confirmation, Wedding, Priesthood, Concelebration, Penance) that make up the life of Christian and work together with them. Christening opens these doors for each soul and it is the basis of connection a man with the Holly Spirit, the Holy Communion strengthens and enhances this state and it is basis for movement on the ecclesiastical path.

The Holy Communion is impossible without Penance because there is conscious refusal from sin, internal impurity in the process of Penance, there is necessary for ecclesiastical development change of consciousness and relation to the people and to the world. In Greece translation, penance is metanoia, change of consciousness. In the process of penance there a deep cleansing within the subtle body of a man and an energetic cavity is forming – an emptiness is able to accept the energy of the Divine Communion inside.

Penance is the biggest obstacle on the way to God

For those who want to come to God and the process of Penance is inextricably linked with the following life in Christ. We are ready to think up thousands of excuses, just not to change, or that the changes were external, without affecting the very deep sense. We are ready to think up the single God, comfortable for our worldview and pray to him.

But a man is difficult to follow the way of deepest internal changes, and even stepping on this way, he meets with many external and internal obstacles. In this inability of penance, we are to blame anyone, except ourselves. The ability to penance determines the readiness of a man to the ecclesiastical way. It means that an internal measure of sin in a man is overflowing and he is looking for the way to cleansing.

Without penance it is better not proceed to the sacraments of the Holy communion, because this energy will not find its place in a man and in the best way a faith will be formal and external or a Spirit will break and experience a man, motivating him to penance.

Often people can’t follow the rules of church because of their excessive strictness as they believe, but in fact, this strictness is determined by the Holy Spirit itself, not by the earthly Church. These are the energy laws of ecclesiastical development and they are immutable to execution, and if we follow only the external side of sacraments, formally repeating them, there will be no qualitative changes, and we will lose the very essence of the way of acquiring the Holy spirit.

All rules, requirements and traditions of church have been formed on the basis on the deep understanding of the process of acquiring the Holy Spirit by the ancestors, who are able to understand this process deeper. Without the energy component, the manifested result, there is no sense in the sacraments or in faith. This is Synergy – the ability to bring the energy of the Divine sacrament into life.

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The sacrament of Wedding

It allows to accumulate the energy of the Holy Spirit in the relationship and build them accordingly. The family is a small church and for the most people it is a goodness that is not available for us. Attempts to arrange a family life without ecclesiastical support for the majority crash and the reason of this is the pride, inability to the joint ecclesiastical development, to live with an open heart.

Previous generation was not churched and was able to live in the relationship, now the moral foundations were shaken and people were unable to do so. Moreover, people have lost the very understanding of the value of such a life.

The life in the Spirit is a full life, when a person is revealed on the all levels. It makes sense to talk about the Trinity of human nature: Spirit, Body Soul. Interruption of at least one initiative makes a man incomplete.

We are used to link the understanding of life only to implemented physical body, but a comprehensive understanding of life – fully reveals other hypostases. If a person is a sick, we can speak about the disorders in a body, but when we talk about the mental pain, which is not reflected in the body? What does it hurt?

It means that the soul is the same substance, which can be appreciated by feeling and emotions. And it can be sick and suffer and how can it be helped? And the answer is that only the Spirit can help the Soul, as thinner matrix, clothing the soul and healing. Similarly, our thin energies cloth the psychical body, heal it, support and protect.

Loss of Spirit will inevitably be associated with disorders of energetics of the soul and the whole body, reduction of life, degradation of quality of life. The ancients knew about that. Sometimes this process is stretched in time, and we see such energy wasters.

It happens that a man is jolly, active, looks like a cheerful, and he is absolutely not restrained in moral matters, but does not suffer, but on the contrary he succeeds. The other, on the contrary, leads a pure moral life, but is completely depressed and unhappy. Where is the justice?

People seeing such are over to believe in the divine justice on earth and already lose faith, comprehending the inevitability of the afterlife retribution as a Church horror story. This misunderstanding of the law of the spirit and the Ecclesiastical grace of ancestors and Genus.

A mother always will love her son, so that he does not commit and loving gives him her blessing, even being outside of our lives. The ancestors were blessed to descenders and ecclesiastical wasters use it moving away from the moral laws and being tempted by the darkness, they show an example of life, look all you want – it is given and there is no penalty. And the spirit that comes to them is the ecclesiastical heritage of the genus, which inevitably runs out and retribution comes in this life.

When the influence of the Spirit is lost or broken, the energies of the soul lose the wholeness and direction, which on the ordinary level looks like a loss of life prospects. There are an alien influences, pressure from the different sides and conversely when a man is linked with the Holy Spirit, a man feels an ecclesiastical raising, fullness, expansion of energy in space. And there are prospects, vision of future, joy and happiness of life on the ordinary level. Happiness is co – part or co- communion.

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