Svetlana, Novosibirsk

Thinking about the concept of «matrix» and taking Notes, unexpectedly for me I have written an essay.

Matrix (lat. matrix- «prime cause»:

* Matrix (art and technology) – it is a sample, model, stamp, template, tool in the mass production of art and technology (Wikipedia)

* Human matrix is the energy-informational structure, modelled on God, but having distortions, starting with Original sin (mortality, perishability, passion. It means such manifestations as hunger, cold, etc.).

*Special programs, that must be performed in order to return to the Bosom of God, fit in the matrix of each person from the birth but in the process of life there are any failures or viruses are embedded in the main program. They can be manifested as a result of violation of Ecclesiastical Laws (personal sin), as well as due to external influence (damage, curse, evil eye; programs of technogenic character). There is also inheritance, that is, the tendency to manifest the generic sin, inherited from parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. If for example, there were thieves, drunkards, murderers, and suicides in the family, then it is quite natural that one of these programs can be included in the descendants.

*Matrices of Synergy in combination with the human matrices work like as cleansing antivirus program, destructing all crashes, distortions, destructive programs, including heavy generic ones. In addition, they lead to the vision and understanding the reasons of these distortions and awareness of their sinfulness. They learn how to deal with the manifestation of sin inside ourselves, thereby realizing up a place for filling with the pure Energies of the Creator, the Virgin, Holy Fathers, Holy Places, the energies of the Earth and Cosmos. During this process, as a man cleans, he can feel something familiar to reloading or rebirth. A true Ecclesiastical vision reveals, the ability to conduct these Divine Energies through ourselves and realize them in the World, for example, as in the form of powerful healing abilities

*But the most important is the awareness of the need of the Way of Getting of the Holy Spirit. And Christ has bequeathed the instruments for us. These are the sacraments of the Orthodox Church, Confession and Communion. As well as daily Prayer Work.

*Indeed, almost any diseases and problem can be dealt by looking inside ourselves and realizing the violation of which commandment has led to this problem. And then the Greater Manual and the Orthodox Prayer Book are in help. Where you can find the prayers, which are recommended from one or another manifestation of sin or in support of Good Deals.

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