Stages of the method
of Synergy

Stages of the method of Synergy

Synergy consists of nine stages, each of which in its turn consists of matrices (there are from 3 till 7 matrices in one stage). At the same time the first six stages are transformational, the following ones are directed to work with other people and space.

The first stage is «The key matrices of Synergy» and its main characteristics:

  • Opening the new resources of energy centers
  • The development of energy field, cleansing, filling and expansion of internal and external etheric spaces
  • Cleansing of mental field and protection from mental and emotional pollution

The second stage is «Ecclesiastical Medicine» and its basic properties:

  • Improvement of the conductivity of the whole energy body
  • The ability to tune in to the external energy flow, the skill to fill them all energy body
  • Work with compact, mental and emotional blocks in the body.

The third stage is «Energy of saints» and its main characteristics:

  • The qualitive transformation of energy on a new level,
  • Complete cleansing from mental pollution
  • Connection with energy of saints, prayer therapy. Conduction of these energies and their filling.
  • A new level in the healing, at the first turn with their own health, sustainable sense of physical strength. Connection with nature.
  • The healing of the genus and all related links.

The fourth stage is «Crystallization» and its basic characteristics:

  • Stabilization of energy
  • Exit from the obligatory energy exchange with the world, obtaining of crystal properties – coolness, cleanliness, clarity and the ability to conduct the flow of Divine energies into the world without distortion.
  • Revealing the properties of unconditional love to God, the opening the ecclesiastical heart as the Divine vessel.

The fifth stage is «the Divine consciousness» and its main characteristics:

  • Receiving the properties of the Creator’s consciousness, separated from the realities of our life and the needs of physical body
  • The ability to understand your energy in the space separated from the source as the eternal element of the universe

The sixth stage is «Rebirth in God» and its main properties:

  • Accumulation and use of the Divine energies for the personal physical and ecclesiastical transformation
  • The direction of this energy to the solution of the current and global challenges
  • There is an opening and healing of deep distortions of the soul, a full connection with the spirit, the work of the development of the consciousness and knowledge of God continues.

The seventh stage is «Action» and its basic properties

  • The qualitive transformation on the new level, revealing of active effective beginning of the Soul of a person and opening the ecclesiastical power inherent in each soul,
  • Exploration of this stage gives the blessing in the human life, the ability to share the warmth of the Divine energies with the neighbor, the possibility of the healing work, at first aimed at healing of the family and genus, the opportunity to live harmoniously in marriage.
  • This stage gives the opportunity for the intelligent missionary life, based on the desire to share grace with others, to transfer their practical experience in the knowledge of God and the use of Divine energies. Exploration of this stage is the complete preparation for the transfer and the posthumous path, liberation from fear and sacrifice.

The eighth stage is «the Performance», the ninth stage is «Apocalypse»

  • The true source of Divine energies
  • It studies the Jesus’ prayer («Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me») – the main practice of Hesychasm and the constant connection with God
  • Fulfilment of these energies and transfer of this power, the ability to share the earthly gifts, finding them for theirselves to an even greater extent.

The description of the eighth and ninth stages are available only for those who successfully study the method of Synergy.

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