Rafaela Aznavour, Kaliningrad

Hi, everybody

Experience and practice have shown that it is necessary to put in order the work of the first three energy centers. Last year, I did not pay attention to the words of Antonina Tolstaya, and for a long time continued to fly in the clouds!

Now completely pulled away from the life of urban man, healing and training, living on the earth, I have been clearly aware the words of Antonina! Tonya, thank you so much!!!

There is nothing to do with the upper levels without have developed the lower levels.

All questions, how to develop the lower levels, please address to Tonya! She has a huge experience in this issue. From my side I can add, only relying on the experience other people!

All couples have successfully trained on all levels like as in Cosmoenergetics, and Synergy.

Of course, if you have predetermined the Path of Warrior, you should remember that this path you go alone! In Cosmoenergetics they are Magicians, in the Orthodox Christianity they are Monks! Both these ways are the constant awareness of yourself, your thoughts, actions, internal processes, the movement of energies, this is thin feeling and complinace of all rules and laws!!!

I have always said and will continue to say that if you can correct a mistake on the physical level, but you don’t have a right for a mistake on the thin level!

I have revised my attitude to Cosmoenergy – V. A. Petrov was right – you need to be an elementary decent person. Cosmoenergy enhances all – both good and evil in a person.

And sometimes, well, people just cannot manage with his evil – the decency was not instilled in a man since his childhood! In the current society, unfortunately, the concept of decency has changed.

Therefore, Orthodox Christianity helps to realize what decency is and helps to change according to God’s plan.

In Synergy all rules and energies are written.

Synergy, certainly, helps in the healing of the soul and the alignment of its curvature. But it is better to go this way together hand in hand!

Cosmoenergy and Synergy are linked with each other like as day and night. Neither is good nor bad! Everything is interconnected, everything is created by God!

God has no boundaries, he is everything, visible and invisible!

And only one woman was able to encompass the irreplaceable-the Virgin Mary!

Sometimes it is difficult for a man to accept a small thing, he is ready to break on the rocks – but not to accept!

Why is it so easy to love those we love and so impossible to love those we despise?!

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