Principle of Synergy.
Ecclesiastical connection of man with God

The principle of Synergy is an assistance,
it is the ecclesiastical connection of man and God

The principle of Synergy or assistance at the moment is the key in the work of school, also as a philosophical aspect of progressive man as whole. Because there is constantly fighting of collisions of various ideologies and life stances of different people in the open informational space, what generally gives the negative connotation to informational space. This struggle, meanwhile, happens in every mind. People who are looking for in our time, always find a lot of, but often can’t to combine the existence knowledge and specially to shown them in action.

The main principle of synergy is an assistance, it is an ecclesiastical connection of a man and God. This connection is realized through the energetic collaboration, combining the energy of man and divine energy and this is the only opportunity to help a man. It means that a man can help himself with the assistance of Divine power. In orthodox Hesychasm this aspect is given a special attention. The principle of Faith is based on the possession of human energy, otherwise there will be no connection with God.

The work of energies, that takes place with students in the process of comprehension of method Synergy can be presented to three main aspects – cleansing, protection and synthesis. Why there are a lot of discussions about the cleansing. Under the cleansing we understand the complete restructuring of thin energetic genetic code- DNA. Because all acting information that is around us with few exceptions- technogenic and destructive, causing a mutations and deviations in the development of both present and future generations. This is a huge work, which is called «removal of karma» in esoteric language. What is it and how to understand?

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Karma or heredity is divided into collective and individual.

Of course, people as they thing, are more depressed their individual load, which can be divided into personal karma, generic and cosmic or incarnational. In the work with methods of Synergy we constantly remove all layers of karma, completely freeing a man.

Personal karma is removed on their own as the growth of conscious of student and understanding the value of his actions. It is also necessary to take into account that aspect of collective karma or collective responsibility all of us for what is happening on the Earth.

The principle of synergy – the joint action of God and a man- is considered the responsibility of a man for what he created. People have to correct the consequences of their own mistakes by their actions. And principle of collective responsibility says that everyone is responsible for everyone else. Taking this responsibility gives a man the opportunity to develop further and opens up his future. This is what Christ shew us, when he had accepted all sins of men, completely rejecting all ideas of individual salvation on escape from the world, what is in fact a highly ecclesiastical egoism.

Concerned of getting rid from their problems and problems of the genius, people forget that it is not a magic pill will help them, but accepting the collective responsibility and good deals for the befit of the world and people.

More important and realizing aspect of this teaching is the removal of personal karma, that load, which a man has put on his shoulders with his wrong actions, thoughts, wrong attitude to himself and to the world. It is happening during a long time through the completely changing of the consciousness, perception of the world, reaction to what is happening and actions.

A man becomes a conscious and understands the value of his actions and this is especially effective during the teaching of energies. In this period all bad and good become stronger, the law of retribution begins to work instantly, God’s judgment is happening right here and now, leaving a blessed opportunity to change everything as long as you are alive and able to act.

Realization a man in the process of his energetic development

Principle of Synergy. Ecclesiastical connection of man with God

Realization a man in the process of his energetic development is made his energetic structure free, and a student starts to look for new knowledge, new energies, that form his consciousness. This is the process of synthesis. At that time, this synthesis fills the space – neutral universal energy, originating in newly activated energy centers – the pearl (thymus) and the Central locus (epiphysis).

The opening of energetic center of thymus gland (thymus) centers a person, makes his to keep the energy and center of the power inside, neutralizes most types of negative energies, protects, opens the heart and gives healing abilities. Thymus is the gland of joy, vitality rejuvenation, activation of the immune system, the disclosure of magical abilities – Siddhi, continuation of life, creativity.

Activation of epiphysis opens the ecclesiastical vision, brings into the overall balance all energy centers, which makes our aura holistic, energy is free, which is healing in its essence. The open energy of epiphysis – is the presence of God in a man, the connection with Creator and all livings, comprehension of the principle of everything in everything. This, in fact, is synergy.

This is the grace of the Holy Spirit, and the task of development becomes the constant holding and development of this state.

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