Mental and Ecclesiastical.
The Great Soul of Russia

Mental and ecclesiastical. The Great Soul of Russia

The Apostol Paul said: «first mental, then ecclesiastical». What does it mean? It means that a man needs to reveal the powers of the soul for the comprehension of the Holly Spirit. The sacraments of Holly Spirit are simply not available without the powers of soul, without this purely natural human power. And this is the main problem of knowledge of God at the moment.

Loosing «mental» is a separation from its roots, from the history, from people, from the family, from faith. All of this take away a man his natural energy. The rejection of direct comprehension of energy is the rejection of knowledge of God and deification – the basis of teaching of Christ. It has become a disease of the church in the middle ages, at the period of schism of churches.

The way of acquiring of Holly Spirit

Catholic theology through the dogmatic deviationism, and simply disbelieving in deification and the light of Tabor which became the main basis of debate with Gregory Palamas. This refusal didn’t slow down to affect practically – the way of acquiring Holly Spirit, the way of deification completely stopped in the western church, and there were no more saints in it.

But there were no better things in the eastern church. The way Synergy has become the way of chosen, the elders, who retired from the world, but not from all society. Knowledge of deification, divine energies have not come out from their cells until out time. Such way, the doctrine of deification of the world – «man saves every creature» was violated. The divine energy, its huge inexhaustible source, became separated from the world.

In comparison of Catholics, who honestly refused out of ignorance and unbelief, the eastern church left the teaching unrealized and did not deify of the world, it submitted to this world, uniting with the state. The result is not long in coming – the great Byzantine Empire collapsed overnight, so much that God has removed all signs from the earth and people who inhabited it, completely changed to another people. The Mohammedans have become more pleasing to God on this earth than the supposed champions of his true faith.

We know that Byzantium was a slaveholding Empire, and the hard-ruthless power, human trafficking and complete lack of freedom could not justify the true knowledge of the faithful Christians. Holiness and light alone can’t cover the darkness and lawlessness the majority, hypocrisy and flirtation with the earth power have played a fatal role for the church. The founder of Christian church, the mother of universal temples, the birthplace of famed saints- Byzantium has collapsed and drowned in darkness.

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There, where Synergy is not, there is no Mission.

And Mission – is the basis of existence of the man’s world, in the indulgence of God of lawlessness of human. The world exists as long as the word of God is preached in it, as soon as it is preached, the world will lose the meaning of its existence, and the Universal Court will begin. What cannot be burned by fire, and will stand, will be saved.

The intelligence of holly saints on this point of view, say about the coming burning of the world with a special fire: “the first world was drowned, the second will be burned». And, at the same time, « Our God is a fire», implying fire is already immaterial, which can be considered and acceptance of the Holy Spirit. This energy is the basis of the sacrament of Eucharist.

First the mental, then the ecclesiastical.

This word of Apostil Paul said to the former pagan Christians Corinthians. The mental comes from the Creature himself, created all, and ecclesiastical – from him, but from revealed of God – Christ. The mental is the ground for the Spirit and its blessed gifts, the soul is deified by the Spirit and returns its lost Divine dignity in the trinity of soul, body and spirit.

The united connection with the ancestors, acceptance their, understanding and love to our history, the true unbiased, love to our earth and nature, ability to be one part with it, service are all properties of great Soul of the people.

And such souls always were in Russia, exactly they became the basis of new church and determined its success. Many saints, miracles, continuing to our days, are great famed saints. The soul of Russia has become the blessed ground for Word.

Christening has given Russia the huge advantage

The success of the mission was connected with the practical opportunity of realizing of new knowledge, because the pagans of Russia was considered firs of all the practical aspect of applying new knowledge. Prayers to Christ, the Virgin and Saint Nicolas- really worked and brought their results. And till the full refusal from the pagan gods was still far off, the true faith became to spread over the Russia by quick steps, changing everything. There was the era of dual faith in Russia for a long until the period of splitt of the Church and deportation of old believers.

There is no make sense to rehabilitate the period of pagans, moreover to revive it under the meaning of fashionable neo-paganism. But there is no common sense in denying and blooming this period of history. In this period there are the roots of our common history and energy of our Soul, denying our genus, we become the lost on the earth and Holly Spirit can’t find its place in us, because this place is healthy, strong and wholesome Soul of man.

The Holly Spirit deifies the soul by unsubstantial fire and units with it forever, giving a promise of salvation and eternal life, which is called the seal of Holly Spirit. It happens simultaneously, when a man is forgiven his sins, the severity goes down from him and he feels unusual freedom and, in some way, sees the Kingdom. His heart is forever sealed from sin, and the Spirit, who is always within him easily, overcomes all obstacles of material world.

This is the evidence of victory under the world, commanded us by Christ. The energy of the Spirit reveals our soul as in childhood and at the best moments of life it isn’t revealed, a man reveals completely in the Trinity of his nature. The Spirit is healing the Soul, the Soul is healing the body, – it’s only in the unity of forces and in such sequence it happens. If there is no filling of the Soul, if the Soul itself carries a lot of distortions of its nature and is not be able to be purified, there is no point in waiting of healing from diseases, and it least some work of the spirit in its life.

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Energies of Soul – mental

Mental and ecclesiastical. The Great Soul of Russia

They have sources in the world around and in the connection with genus and nature, in the human body itself. The Spirit comes from God the Father inexplicably, and his energy is different – ecclesiastical. The Spirit can be revealed completely in a man only in the pure wholesome Soul in the process of sacraments of Eucharist. Only in this sacrament – the energy of the life-giving spirit that permeates everything and everything, deifies both the Soul and the Body. Until the Soul is cleansed from sin and from root causes of its defeats, this process will not be perfect, which is why penance is the basis of Christian life.

At first it is mental, then – ecclesiastical. This principle makes its clear that the Soul can’t help there, it is necessary to fill the integrity and qualities of our Soul. This does not mean that we should look for something unknown, but that the coming to God and life according to the commandments should be combined with the healing of the soul, which is based on gratitude and forgiveness.

If there is no this case – the deification does not occur, a man does not receive blessing and his incorrect understanding of the teaching is explained by necessity of sorrows and sufferings. But such situation is pregnant both the betrayal of Christ and a retreat from the faith, because the soul will be drawn to what is needs for healing – energies of earthly nature, and this way can be out of with the church.

For the healing and cleansing of the soul is necessary to reveal three levels.

For the healing and cleansing of the soul is necessary to reveal three levels of its interaction with world and responsibility- personal plan, generic(family) and collective(society). While the life program will not be realized on all these three levels, there is no make sense to speak about the healing and the deification is not possible. Only the reveal on all three levels of interaction of soul with world gives the opportunity of its deification and completely implementation of the Holly Spirit in a man’s life.

  • The student removes the consequences of his sins and negative actions on his personal plan,
  • On the generic and family plans, acting on the principle of love of neighbor love and of love to edify, heal family relationships and all diseases of the genus.
  • And of course, goes out on public service of showing the light around, which is the fulfillment of the precepts of Christ: «you are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world… no one puts a lamp without using».

These are rare qualities and opportunities in our times – the achievement of such integrity on all three levels, they reflect the principle of «save yourself and thousands around you will be saved.»

The burnt Christian soul and earthly soul are two great differences, although the second precedes the first and lies in its basis. Burnt Soul knows the Kingdom, cleansed by Spirit and has the seal of Holly Spirit, the promise of salvation, easily breaks away from the earthly and has its nourishment in the Kingdom through unceasing prayer. The earthly soul is nourished by the earthly energies, is no stranger to passions, not purified, and that’s why is not able to fully connect with Spirit. It, of course, does not have such power, its unlimited source from God.

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The Great Soul of Russia will never die

It is always closed to us, realizing in the elect, manifesting itself in qualities of the service to God, Truth and Peace. It is discovery of these qualities in the reality in each of us is devoted this book. We should find peace with ourselves, with neighbors, with each other. Our people are dying, but not all is lost.

Golden words are written prophecies about the coming great fate of Russia, and this Hope makes us live and act, by Faith to unite with God, Love to return to the world. Now before the sunrise, the darkness thickens the most, and only the light inside each of us is able to live until the Down, till the coming Day of God. God is always closer than we think.

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