Luidmila Poroshina, Moscow

Every time I sit down at the table, try to concentrate and write about what was happening with me during the webinar and what is happening now, I begin to catharsis. Now, the same is too.

It happens in connection with a sudden insight about my very beloved and loving parents, who have long been very died. It’s a painful insight that brings out the guilt of not knowing how great my mom and dad were. In addition, there are realizations, one after another, of the reasons of certain obstacles that I have managed to build myself. Each such awareness is accompanied by loss of strength and subsequent filling with energy of joy, inspiration and desire to do and create. All this and especially the catharsis ends with the arrival of a blissful condition, in which a very warm and soft energy passes up the spine to the locus. In this case, the locus is felt like a small crystal through which this energy in the form of a fountain passes to the top and from there is distributed throughout the body and beyond its boundaries. These boundaries become less visible. Energy is very much; the drowsiness is almost gone. Dmitry, I thank the God and you that you are. I thank my cousin sister Elena for what she led me to you. Thank all who helps you to arrange these meetings with us and help us in the choose of the next turn in Fate (the Court of God). With each meeting, my awareness becomes deeper, much becomes clear: where are the obstacles? why is it such a disease as mine? Why has someone come and someone has left… Thank you, Dmitry that your Spirit is strong, and you are led this force everyone who wants to touch him.

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