Learning the method
of Synergy

Learning the method of Synergy

Learning the method of Synergy is the key to fully reveal, understand and connect with the Divine energies, manifested in our world. To understand the essence and meaning of the Orthodox sacraments as well as the other sacraments and rites. During the studying we activate the main effective principle of the hesychasm is the knowledge of God (the main meaning of human life) through the revealed Divine Energies. So, you begin to clearly understand the truth essence of what is happing.

The method of Synergy will help you to develop the following:

  • Sensual and extra sensual comprehension
  • Empathy and increased sensitivity to the environmental, feelings and emotions of another people (the possibility to deep understand and to «scan» another people at the sensory level); sensitivity to the energy informational flows and the ability to harmonize different situations with their help – both in relations with other people (with spouses, children, parents, colleagues and etc.) and with the health, material plans and other spheres on human life.
  • The practical understanding of an effective principle of energies and the ability to use them for the filling, cleansing and strengthening both their energy and neighbors (need of assistance).
  • Receiving qualitatively new States of consciousness, gradually manifested in the daily life and the creative process.
  • The ability to resist the infernal influence and exorcism.
  • The ability to reveal the true power of the prayers and sacraments
  • Effective correction of psychological condition, which directly influences on the construction of relations in the family and with other people.
  • Creating the comfortable environment around a house and in the business sphere.

IT IS IMPORTANT! Learning the method of «Synergy» is just only for the conscious people:

  • Clearly understand why they are trained;
  • Ready to spend their time and other resources for the deep knowledge and development of the abilities necessary for the full and complete usage of these methods
  • Able to overcome the temporary difficulties
  • Having the desire to constantly improve their nature and world around
  • Having the intention and purpose- to serve God, the world and a man.

The efficient of work of the method Synergy depends on the constantly and daily development and application by the students in the life in the accordance of the recommendations received.

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