Julia, Moscow

Thanks to Synergy, I was able to reconnect with God. It appears the understanding, that we are not the lost or forgotten children of the Lord. We are little sparks! There is a connection and it has always been. We stopped to fill it; we have closed ourselves somewhere.

At some point there comes and understanding of power of gratitude and power of awareness. There is understanding how much I have changed in my relations to myself and to neighbors.

Also, there comes the understanding, that Synergy is the healing of the body and healing of the heart. But then it comes the understanding that in addition, it is healing the Soul. That in its turn it gives the opportunity to heal from the deep ecclesiastical injuries and fractures. The ability to come to the integrity. To connect with the Spirit. You can only guess about the power of this energy and its opportunities.

It is the healing of the Genus. It is forgiveness of yourself and your loved ones. It is filling the Genus with the power. And this is the powerful protection.

The possibilities of Synergy are the enormous and unlimited. But in this flow, there is no «freebies». It is daily work on yourself with your consciousness. The life changes, changes in better side. These changes are irrevocable. But having experienced a certain reference state, you do not want to lose it. And then the Path begins. Step by step to the magic. It is like a diamond not cut, which later becomes more perfect and brighter. You become that diamond. And when you realize this, it is no longer a burden to keep yourself, depriving yourself of something, changing the usual way of life.

It is the Path to the integrity, to the awareness, to Love, to Gratitude. Love each other!

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