How does Divine Energy reveal itself
in the process of Synergy?

How does Divine Energy reveal itself in the process of Synergy?

The idea of Divine energies in the theology accurately defines how God interacts with the world, how He through energies gives us to know Himself. These Energies are uncreated, primordial, they cannot be described in any way, they are available for contemplation, but not all and not always, they do not have their qualities and properties. These qualities and properties are revealed through the essence, where the energies are directed. Divine energies invisible support the life in everything.

Be that as it may, but we are able to understand God, only the extent of understanding – this revealing of His divine energies. «Every divine Power and energy are God» – this phrase of Gregory Palamas makes us think. A man has a natural bioenergy – his vital force, and it is through it that the divine Energy is revealed in the process of Synergy.

Theological understanding of energy is based on the Greece translation of this word – literally «EN ERGOS», what means in the action, in the process. That is, the Divine energies are directed at the activity of this world, defining the process of flowing the life itself. That’s why it is said the Lord is the Bearer of Life to all living beings. He is in charge of the ways of the myriads of all living beings, and even a person who is originally separated from the spirit is able to approach him through the energy sent to him. Synergy is initially in the human way.

Theological understanding of energy

It worth to divide Divine energies as a manifestation God from the Holly Soul, which is His essence the same substance in themselves the father and the Son and God. The gift of the Holly Spirit is only for a live man, brought into the world by the cross sacrifice of the Savior and it is for meeting him that we came into this world This is ecclesiastical energy and it is absolutely different from others Divine energies.

How does Divine Energy reveal itself in the process of Synergy?

We are able to feel the energies of the Holly Spirit in ourselves just only because initially we are separated from the Spirit in general, and joining with Him, a man feels his fullness and the truth of nature. To join with the Holly Spirit only is available in the process of holding of sacraments of church, where they are preserved.

There is a question, if each energy is from God, then what about the unclean spirit and the negative energies, they are also from God? Initially, any energy and power are clean and there are not any negative qualities, they are appearing in the process of synergy with dark side of human and dark entities. Which appeared as such as a result of excommunication, opposition to God. So, death appeared in this world as a struggle with the Bearer of Life.

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  • How is the Divine Energy revealed in ourselves in our world, how do we come in the process of Synergy

The main problem is that most human actions are not required to God, meaninglessness, materialism, limitation only by this world, generate wrong motivation to work, exploitation, laziness, etc. But if a man has found a pious thing, he will not be stopped, and he will not exchange it for anything, especially for any kind of stupid and useless idleness.

All great civilizations of the Earth were based on the principles of synergy and vision of his purpose is behind of this life. The Lord put himself below any beggar in it, showing people what and how to do. And this way is open till our days. To his disciples-apostles Christ said – from now on be the catchers of men, thus showing his will to the salvation of many people.

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Goodness, love and mercy of God.

Of all the Divine attributes and names of God – the goodness, love and mercy of God are of particular importance to the believer. « He who doesn’t love God, those does not know God, because God is love. »(John.4:8). All these three properties are closely related to each other and have a common manifestation in man. Goodness is God’s unconditional attitude to his creation, «the Lord is good to all, and his generosity in all his works. » (Fp.144:9). And this goodness in man is revealed as love.

This divine property – love- is rising a man under the mortal world and makes him godlike, love is a criterion of perfection and salvation of the soul. This is the main action of God – the divine energy in our world. Love is the criterion of life as such. «Look what love the Father has given us to be called and to be the children of God. »(John.3:1.)

He who loves is able to be called the Son of God and after Christ becomes Godlike. The Love of God revealed in a man, makes for him the main thing is the victory over any fear (in the basis of any fear is the fear of death) and accordingly the victory over the death, and the way of Resurrection into life. « There is no fear in a love, but perfect love gets out the fear, because there is a torment in a fear. Feared is not perfect in love» (John.4:18).

It can be said that the man’s loss of original divine qualities f goodness, mercy and love was based the fall from grace of man, always in all time, starting from Adam and Eva and till our days «love will cool in most of people due to multiplication of lawlessness»(Matt.24:12). And it is this feature that the Savior returns to us by his crossing way. «Love of God has been revealed to us in the fact that God has send his the only begotten Son to the world, that we might receive life through Him. »(John.4:9).

It was this divine power that became the basis for the church, given in the sacrament of Eucharist «Love of God poured out into our hearts, given to us.» (Rome.5:5). The love is in basis of each action of Christian, «…but without me, you can’t create nothing…», this is the basis of Synergy- the way to salvation, based on the Spirit and Pious Acts. «Love has been perfected in us that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. » (1 Joan.4:17.)

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What practical meaning does this truth have for the Christian believers?

Many secular people consider that love is always in their hearts, and if the God is Love, so it means that they are with God and saved. Is that really? Do they know that standard of Divine Love that is preserved in our church at the unbelievable cost of many labors, sufferings and tortures for the glory of God? And the Savior has formed this basis by himself, preserved mercy and love to people, even being crucified on the cross. Absolutely not! Those manifestations, which the secular people are capable, these are natural instinctive qualities of love to closed one, a family member, but not the fruits of the Spirit are given in their entirety of Divine properties. «The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-sufferings, grace, mercy and faith. » (Gal.5:22)

On the other hand, we see the believers and people of Church and also those, who don’t have this fruit of spirit – Love to the closed one, and as it is said in the Gospel, who don’t have the Faith. Love is higher than Faith, it raises a man above the worldly and involves him to the divine. «And now these are three there: faith, love and hope, but love is more than others. » (1Cor.13:13). For such «believers», the faith and given Divine power are a way to stand out and show their superiority, through the condemnation of fellows non-believers like them. And nothing destroys love more than condemnation. «For judgment without mercy to him that has not mercy; mercy is exalted above judgment.» (James.2:13.)

The mercy of God raises over the judgment, there is no sin that the Lord could not forgive the penitent. This leaves a hope to all of us, to all our world. Every man is able to come to the true Faith and the fruits of the Spirit will be unchangeable, – Goodness, Love and Mercy of God.

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