Dmitry Voevodin: thoughts about Covid 19. Problems, methods, solutions

My basic education (biology department of Moscow State University) and the specialty- military epidemiology, allows me to speak about this problem with a sufficient share of competence. Although many experts have already expressed their opinion on this problem, but there is no the final clarity, as there are not any methods of effectively solving the epidemiological situation, both in personal and global scale.

I would like not only clarify, but also to offer another vision of this problem, based on the understanding of possibilities of the rehabilitation resource of our body and correct psycho-emotional state.

Let’s start that 100 years ago this illness would simply have not been noticed and considered as the common cold, and severe cases were regarded as pneumonia, at least there would not have been a global pandemic. Just as there was no information stuffing which helped to spread the pandemic, but the community immunity was definitely much more effective.

The new virus has an extremely low mortally rate and is symptomatic in a very small percentage of the population with severe diseases. Those days people were afraid of diseases with rather high mortally rate and such ailment was easily overcome with home remedies.

Although now, the virus easily infects young and health people, but it doesn’t mean that it is dangerous for everyone. All the same, most of them are symptomatic at the same time making community immunity. The disease weakens, we all feel it intuitively, the virus loses its virulence over time, although it selectively continues to infect with serious consequences.

There is no sense to afraid of massive infections, the same as to try to hide from it. Perhaps everyone will go through the coronavirus, and perhaps not at once like as we go through the cold and flu. Although the most likely option is that over time its virulence will completely go out and infection will proceed in an asymptomatic form.

How to overcome coronavirus

Now, the most important is the psycho-emotional state of a person and his ability to activate his internal resources and not to follow the panic. Fear is not only obsession, but also paralysis of the will, which invariably expresses itself as a drop of immunity and amenability to disease.

Especially it is important in the context of a very aggressive informational policy, which mostly domineers people and thereby deprives them of their protective powers. Exactly in working with fears and activating of internal resources there is the possibility of a quick victory over the epidemic.

Fear is always part of our nature, but it shouldn’t take over the personality and even less to dictate us its rules while it doesn’t matter what these conditions tell us. At the moment community immunity is made by those who are not afraid of this disease and successfully overcome it. But the other side – imaginary fearlessness based on the illusion shouldn’t be taken into account: it is just disastrous. That’s why the fact of of the presence or absence of fear is not a factor of opposition to the disease.

What does the nature of the course of the disease of a person determine and why do some people have it asymptomatically, while others have the medium severity form or severe form?

The reasons of it are hidden deeply in the processes of our psyche, in internal psycho-emotional state, which is reflected on the general energetic of the body. Any disease stimulates internal cleansing of the body and awaking of its natural resources. That’s why those who need this cleansing, urgently get sick, especially ARVI, the others, perceiving the pathogen have the asymptomatic form of this disease.

There are three necessary factors for the developing of the symptoms of this disease:

  • The need for psycho-emotional cleansing,
  • Stress factor (temperature, psychic, fatigue and etc.)
  • And of course, the presence of the pathogen of itself.

That’s why, if there are slightly two first factors, the third one, – the pathogen itself will not be able to harm on the body. In general, fears of the pathogen have no great basis, it’s much more important to pay attention to your body.

The bottom line can be considered the need of psycho-emotional cleansing and here you will need the separate explanations.

The syndrome of emotional burnout leaves so called body-oriented blocks in the person’s body, heavy energies blocking the free flow of energy going along the meridians and causing various pain sensations that are far from always diagnosed, and are the cause of various diseases.

As a rule, such blocks are the results of emotional burnout or early aging of the human body, longstanding stress or mental disorders. The consequence of the accumulation of such energies in the body is the depression, despondency of the vital force and will, which is directly affected on the possibility of the body to resist the infection.

That’s why, the manifestation of symptoms in any ARVI is the response of the body on the psycho-emotional pollution and an attempt to self-cleansing. It is always accompanied by a temperature reaction and the severity of the state as a result of outbreak of toxins into the blood during the cleansing.

Method of controlling Covid-19

In order to avoid these unpleasant processes as well as a possible infection, or simply prevent them, it is possible by timely and psychoemotional cleansing, which can be performed by the method of sound therapy “Synergy”.

  • The effect of listening to the special musical tracks (more about the method) is expressed from the first moments and gives the body all necessary resources for the self-cleansing and further for the resistance to the infection.
  • The method is also effective during the process of illness coronavirus in all forms and also for the removing of the consequences.

In an incomprehensible way a person begins to feel the support coming to him and overcomes the disease, first of all defeating the fear of it. During the pandemic, we have received the positive feedback about the victory over the disease, the breakpoint in which has become the energy, transmitting with the help of musical tracks «Synergy».

In spite of the fact that the experience in overcoming of this new infection is rather small, the method has its own great future. We continue to work in this direction and fix the facts of recovery thanks to the method of sound therapy together with the energy practices.

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