Alexandra Pakholko, Slavyansk in Kuban

Alexandra Pakholko, Slavyansk in Kuban29.03.2019

How lovely your works are, the Lord… I have visited… Read more

Jana Andreeva, Moscow

Jana Andreeva, Moscow08.03.2019

Thank you, Dmitry, from all my heart for your beautiful,… Read more

Alexandra Ageeva, Sant Petersburg

Alexandra Ageeva, Sant Petersburg09.02.2019

Synergy is a unique method which has changed my life,… Read more

Oleg Kulikovskiy, Kaliningrad

Oleg Kulikovskiy, Kaliningrad23.10.2018

Thanks to Dmitry! Thanks, Synergy! The first feeling that I… Read more

Rafaela Aznavour, Kaliningrad

Rafaela Aznavour, Kaliningrad05.08.2018

Hi, everybody Experience and practice have shown that it is… Read more

Luidmila Poroshina, Moscow

Luidmila Poroshina, Moscow02.05.2018

Every time I sit down at the table, try to… Read more

Tamara, Moscow

Tamara, Moscow21.02.2018

When is there a question from newcomer about what we… Read more

Galina, Kishinev

Galina, Kishinev16.11.2017

It is unusual condition, I am in the cradle of… Read more

Svetlana, Novosibirsk

Svetlana, Novosibirsk23.04.2017

Thinking about the concept of «matrix» and taking Notes, unexpectedly… Read more

Julia, Moscow

Julia, Moscow22.04.2017

Thanks to Synergy, I was able to reconnect with God.… Read more

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