Brief description of
the main matrixes of Synergy

Brief description of
the main matrixes of Synergy

Matrix PEARL

The main goal of the working with this matrix is the achievement to the state of inner unity mind and heart, consciousness and subconsciousness. In the process of working with this matrix happens the following:

  • Activation, revealing and filling of the pearl (an additional energy center) and space.
  • Healing effect, protective effect, allows to fill the energy and use it actively.
  • Work of energies of matrix happens to all energy centers.
  • Finds and neutralizes the programs of self-destruction, restores the program which is put in us that can be called as « the right to life».


  • Connection with the earth, with the energies of places of power.
  • Works with all energy centers, cleans, strengths, increases and fills the space.
  • Activates the energy in all three main levels – simultaneously works out, cleans and fills the lower, middle and upper energy fields.
  • Allows effectively work with the frequencies of planetary level
  • Happens initial reveling of the ecclesiastical vision, the opening of epiphysis.
  • Finds the virus-programs, that have distorted the energy-informational matrix of a man and restores it.


  • The basis energy of the ecclesiastical symbiosis, revealing and constant holding in the work of the epiphysis.
  • Effective practice of awareness, which fully transforms the consciousness and environmental during the short time.
  • Revealing of the high frequencies energies of synthesis and filling by them, harmonization of the space, the work of all energy centers, the achievement of the state of the integrity.
  • Overcoming of all inner contradictions
  • Revealing of the awareness of the existence
  • Restores the connection between past and future in the present time in the here and now, between external worlds and internal one.


  • Work with the mental field – cleansing, filling, balance
  • Normalization of all internal energy disturbances on the different levels
  • Heals the work of all energy centers and energy-informational matrix. The pollution of mental field is the vain secular energies that prevent one to accept the divine level.
  • If in the process of the work with this matrix the thoughts are coming, it means that the process of cleansing of mental field has started.

Matrix GIFTS

  • Cleansing of the emotional sediments
  • Opening the space of the planetary medicine
  • Connection to higher planetary energies
  • The impact of an individual, strength of energy, work with the high energy centers.

Matrix IKARO

  • An attunement and opening of the matrix of Medicine of plants
  • Addressing in the missing ecclesiastical qualities
  • Work with the mental field


  • Revealing of the healing multidimensional space of Matrix of plants
  • Восполнение недостающих духовных качеств
  • Addressing in the missing ecclesiastical qualities
  • Activation of the creative energy
  • Work happens on all levels and with all energy centers


  • Cleansing and protective action for the consciousness, for the ecclesiastical doors and upper energy centers.
  • Energies of matrix work with all energy centers, but the main work happens on the level of the 3,4,6- energy centers.
  • Recognize the distorting programs, taken root in the area of 1-7 energy centers, removes them and restores the energy – informational matrix.
  • It creates the protective field temporarily for the patients; the constant protective field is formed for the initiates with the good work; in the emergency situations the matrix independently strengths the protection by compacting and increasing the field.
  • Full acceptance and revealing the Divine essence in its different hypostases.
  • The key track for the acceptance of the energy of the saints. It allows to reveal the deep inner relationship between a man and the Holy Spirit through the adaptation and the faith. Reveals the inner relationship with the manifestation of God in the nature as well as his creature and within everyone.
  • Calm covering energy especially the white color, has a calming effect on the central nervous system. It gives the opportunity to a man to calm down and bring his mind to a state of rest o plunge more deeply into himself and the world of energies, which will allow him to work more fruitfully and realize his problems. Amplifies by a triple recitation of the prayer «Our Father».


  • Calms down the overexcited condition
  • Revealing the energy of Trinity of life-giving is the most complete understanding of all hypostasis of God, recognized in the Christian doctrine.
  • Qualitive transition of energy to the new condition, transformation including also the physical body. It requires the development of previous levels. Key matrix. Strengths by the numerous recitations of the prayer The Most Holy Trinity.

Matrix the VIRGIN

  • Manifestation and help of saved Spirit of the Holy Virgin as the stairs leading to the salvation.
  • Resolving inner contradictions and raising the flow
  • Revealing the best qualities of the soul. Covers and enters in each cell, the cloud of unconditional, maternal love, which protects under any circumstances.
  • Reveals the inner potential, contributes the awareness of its mission, directed on the way determined by the Soul.
  • Neutralizes the block programs in the area of the 4-energy center, which is blocked the acceptance and impact of love.
  • Helps to see himself in the external view, takes things gently, with love and respect. There is the awareness of the reason for the response to us of the environmental.
  • Works on the level of the 4-6 energy centers. The work is enhanced by the repeated of the recitation of the prayer «The song of the Virgin»


  • Transmission of the energy of the Saint Athos mountain
  • Cleaning action on the upper energy centers
  • Activation of the 3rd energy center
  • Filling the field
  • Protection
  • Strengths in the Faith

Matrix ADYGEA (male hypostasis)

  • Energy of the places of power of the Mountainous Adygea
  • Gives the opportunity to look inside yourself
  • Connection with the genus and development of your family tree
  • Help in the awareness of your male hypostasis
  • Restores the connection with the Creator and helps a man to fil himself
  • Works with all energy centers, playing the special attention the following energy centers 1,3,5,6 and 7

Matrix LIVING WATER (female hypostasis)

  • Counteraction and protection from any kind of rude energies especially from the technogenic ones
  • Recovery of the thin energy shells, especially on the upper energy centers. Resistance to the rough vibrations
  • Soft energy of the milky-silver color, work through the visualization
  • The channel of the absolute divine love and instinctive faith that is the unique to infants. The channel which connect us with the Creator.
  • It gives us the opportunity to remember, to feel, to realize the love of God to us, to strengthen the connection with him, to find a person the mental peace and harmony, to remember about his purpose and get in his WAY.
  • It is a filter from the energy-informational rubbish
  • It removes the distorting programs, entering the area of 6 and part of 7 – energy centers, gently recovering energy informational matrix. Устраняет искажающие программы, внедрившиеся в Matrix CRYSTAL
  • Crystallization of all energies
  • Transmission to the crystal matrix of consciousness
  • Reducing of the energy exchange with the world
  • An ideal performance of the energies
  • It helps in the awareness of the truth way of a man. Reveals the information of our mission


  • A creature and filing of the ecclesiastical heart that is the reservoir for the thin energies.
  • Complete revealing of the heart and the 4th energy centers.
  • It works mainly with 4,6,7- energy centers.


  • The main work takes place with the upper energy centers of the head.
  • It helps to find a way out in the difficult situations.
  • It allows to aware and look at the problem from all sides
  • Solving the conflicts both internal and external
  • It helps in work, business to find the correct solutions
  • It is recommended to work with children and difficult teenagers (improves the memory, gives strength, relieves irritation and fatigue, increasing the thirst of knowledge).
  • Work with the elderly people (the problems with memory, scattered attention, the clarity of mind)
  • It helps people on the ecclesiastical way of the development to find their guiding star.
  • It reveals the consciousness, connecting to the highest sphere of the existence.
  • It leads to the knowledge and awareness of God, His Divine hypostasis.


  • It reveals 2 aspects of the launch the energy – hot and light
  • Expansion of the field and going beyond the ordinary reality, the infinity of comprehension
  • Opening the creative potential
  • Awareness of oneself, one’s Divine essence, the thin ecclesiastical nature, dissolved in eternal.
  • Powerful connection with your Guardian Angel. Connection with the Universe, awareness of the laws of the Universe.
  • Opening the Ecclesiastical vision


  • Comprehension of a place and a role of a man in the world, his true nature.
  • Opens an informational connection with the Guardian Angel.
  • It works with all energy centers; a special attention is paid to the work of 3,5 and 6 energy centers.


  • It launches the process of rebirth- the ecclesiastical transformation on all levels.
  • Works with the stored energy of the sacraments of Orthodox church fast, kept by all rules. If for one reason or another this energy is not present, the work with this matrix provides it and fills it.
  • Work takes place on all levels, including body-oriented removal of blocks in the body associated with the negative programs (sins).
  • Filling of this energy gives the complete freedom on the physical level and reveals the opportunities of work with other people.
  • Deep work with the fears, disclosure, the awareness, and repression of the animal origin.
  • It works with all energy informational structure of a man, with special attention to 1,3 and 6 energy centers. The restoration of a man in the glorious image of God. It reveals the matrix of the Creator, inherent in each by right of birth. Enhancement of consciousness and increase of the vibration of frequency.


  • Reveals, enhances and work through all aspects of matrix «Rebirth in the God» and works well with it in a pair.
  • Opens and blocks the negative programs (sins and passions), interfering the development and closing the way.
  • Transformation of negative energy, filling with the light.
  • Symbolizes the posthumous path of human soul
  • Opens new ways of development
  • Protects from rash, impulsive and emotional actions.
  • Works on all levels, with all energy centers, works with causally relationship from past to the present.
  • Aligns and harmonizes work of both hemispheres of the brain, thereby helps to quick learning, analyze information and accept the only right decision and action.
  • Carefully filters energy informational rubbish.
  • Removes distorting programs, entering the sphere of 6-7 energy centers, gently restores the energy informational matrix.
  • Removes from illusions, delusions and helps to see and realize themselves as the creators of their lives.


  • Opening and strengthening the connection with the Guardian Angel.
  • Support in difficult situations, protection, cleansing and filling.
  • Disclosing the received energy to the world
  • Works with consciousness, information and knowledge
  • Works with the thin plans on the level of 6-7 energy centers restoring and filling with cleaning energies.
  • Reveals the ability to contemplate, to cognize yourself and world around.
  • Beneficial influence on the brain cells, feeding and protecting from invasions of distorting programs.
  • Reveals the thin feeling of energies- energy feeling
  • There is an ability to feel another people like as yourself, to feel the energy as the material objectives, to hear their sound of energy, to feel their taste and color.
  • Leads to enlightenment


  • The basis of knowledge of God, revealing and understanding that God is, humility and connection with Him.
  • Healing from pride, conceit and all their manifestations and the continuation of human genus.
  • It teaches the humility for life and love, paying a special attention to the work of 5-6 energy centers.
  • Works on all levels, with all energy centers with special attention to work of 5-6 energy centers.
  • Reveals the Consciousness of Christ and the Virgin
  • Enhances the boundaries of consciousness.


  • It is the key of all Synergy and all matrixes of Synergy are revealed at once with the good practices of all previous matrices.
  • Strengthens and speeds the work of any matrix of Synergy and strengthens the results of their work.
  • Applicable to all spheres of the activity, works with both the physical and ecclesiastical health.
  • Gives the strength and push to development.
  • Powerful filling of energy, output from the exhausted condition.
  • Powerful cleansing of space due to increasing by the vibration of the background.
  • It gives the energy, the impulse to rebirth to life and quick start and move up.
  • It gives the acceleration on all levels, the high concentration of attention. Contributes to the achievement of high results in sport.
  • Makes you want to act and help in the awareness of the right direction.
  • Works with all energy centers with energy informational structure of a man.
  • Matrix works on all levels of the existence, with all energy centers, brings joy, happiness and love to life.
  • It gives energy, strengthening and accelerating the skill and degree of learning – susceptibility.
  • Expands the degree of awareness, as a result, the speed of thinking is raising, which reveals in a man the qualities of a leader able to lead and be responsible for it.

A short list of spheres, where Synergy can be applied

  • The improvement of relationships and creation of family
  • Work with genus
  • Work with fears
  • Work with children
  • creativity
  • work with parents
  • improving the atmosphere in the business environmental, information and energy recourse for the business.
  • The welfare of the family, business and career
  • healing
  • career
  • work with the departed
  • work with animals and plants

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