The project «Synergy» of Dmitry Voevodin

The basis of this project is the author’s method of sound therapy «Synergy». The aim of the method is to convey the special healing and psychotherapeutic energy states with the help of specially created author’s ambient (англ. аmbient) music.

Training of the method «Synergy» is oriented for those who want to find themselves in the sphere of the ecclesiastical development, to study how to resist the energy attacks of the society and to see the new opportunities for the prosperity and personal development.

About the project of Synergy

The power of the prayer, ancient traditions and undistorted natural energies expresses in the listener ecclesiastical uplift, ecclesiastical experiences, states of harmony, peace and fullness.

Our main directions:

 An individual consulting
Consulting on how to use the method of sound therapy «Synergy» upon personal request for the solving the problem with the physical and psychical health, with the ecclesiastical self-determination, with the family relationship, work with children, building of the career and solving the problem in the material sphere.
 Training of the method «Synergy»
Training of the individual usage of the method of sound therapy «Synergy» by face-to-face and online format gives the opportunity to use the acquired skills both in the work with yourself and with loved ones, as well as the professional use of the method for the psychologists, healers, the specialists of the rehabilitation medicine.
 Trips to the places of power
Arrangement of trips to the places of power and pilgrimage to the holy places in Russia and abroad.
 Musical healing sessions
Taking place of the sessions face to face and online. Organization of thematic concerts of symphonic and ambient music, participation in the musical youth festivals.
 Corporate trainings and seminars
Improving the quality of the communication and corporate culture, personnel efficiency within the framework of the new definition of the company’s mission.
 Family psychotherapy
Providing the support in the building of new relationships in the family, solving the family conflicts and work with difficult children and teenagers.
 Creation of the eco-path
Creation of eco -path « By the trails of the wild cat». Mysteries and myths of Deguako in the Mountainous Adygea
 Ecological enlightenment
Arranging of the ecological rest, natural rehabilitation medicine, organization of mountainous hiking trips.

What does the method «Synergy» give us?

You will learn to create your own system of interaction with the world, develop your energy potential. Your life will receive high meaning and most «personal problems» will disappear as if they didn’t exist. You will come to the harmony of consciousness and will be able to independently build your life path without the participation of the system.

 Become yourself
Step by step you stop thinking in routine patterns, and begin to think with insights, perceive Divine Energies and create.
 Enter the stream
The sound therapy forwards to awaken of the consciousness, helps to enter into the energetic stream, to build the complete picture of the world in order to find oneself.
 Find your way
It means to understand, who I am, what I am here and how I can express ourself to be the brightest as possible. With the help of the method «Synergy» you receive the true revelation.

Synergy – is the union a man and God in a simple action through the Divine Energies, in the complete transformation of life and consciousness. Don’t postpone your ecclesiastical rebirth until tomorrow – join to our team right now!

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