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About the project «Synergy» of Dmitry Voevodin Revival of hesychasm

The project «Synergy» is aimed to revive the ancient study of hesychasm of the St. Athos elder and the Teacher of the Church – St. Gregory Palamas, which is defined as a collaboration (from Greece –συνεργία) of divine and human .The idea of this project is in connecting human and God in a single action through the Divine Energies, received in the process of sacraments of Orthodox Church, the whole transformation of the life and mind.

In the framework of this project we are developing the following activities:

 Holding the church sacraments
In the Temple of the Annunciation of Blessed Virgin in the mountainous Adygea: churching of newcomers. Arranging of a sacrament of christening and wedding in an unique atmosphere of solitude and harmony with nature
 Consecration of natural places of power
Building of temples, installation of memorial crosses, prayer places, improvement and preparation for the consecration of natural areas, sources and fonts
 Promotion of crafts and handicrafts
Providing support to creative persons and young families, who are active in such spheres as: icon-painting, wood carving, craft workshops, architecture.
 Missionary expeditions
Missionary and pilgrim trips around the holy places: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, France, Italy, USA, Germany, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Israel, India, UAE, Thailand
 Musical healing sessions
Holding sessions alive and distance (online). Arranging thematic concerts of symphonic and ambient music, taking part in young musical festivals
 Family psychotherapy
Arranging of a summer children’s creative camp on the basis of the center «Synergy» in the mountainous Adygea, trainings of family psychotherapy, work and providing support in difficult situations
 Corporate trainings
Trainings and seminars are aimed to improve the quality of communication and corporate culture, personnel efficiency within new definition of the company’s mission
 Training and enlightenment
Teaching of healing work in the authorial methodology «Synergy», missionary school, missionary dialogues, scientifically educational and theological activity
 Eco-building and enlightenment
Establishing of eco- settlements. Managing the ecological hotel industry in order to settle pilgrims and tourists. Natural rehabilitation medicine
 Creation of eco-path
Creation of eco-path «By the trails of the wild cat». Mysteries and myths of Deguako under the auspices of the national project «Ecology» in the mountainous Adygea. Ecological rest, mountainous hiking trips and eco-tourism

Healing music

Musical compositions that convey
energy, strength and volume

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Eco-path in the mountainous Adygea

The aim of the creation of eco-path “By the trails of the wild cat” is to revive the love to the native land in the people, desire and ability to carry of the motherland. Preservation of the landscape and rare species of animals and plants of Deguako river valley.

Transfer of knowledge about the nature
Mountainous Adygea and valley of the river Deguako is amazing place with its grandeur and variety flora and fauna, which gives a powerful burst of energy
Ecological education
Sharing the knowledge about ecology and biology of natural area of the mountainous Adygea and exposing the secret of one rare species of animals – the wild forest cat
History and culture of Adygea
Sharing the interesting stories about the cultural and historical heritage of Adygea in the area between river Belaya and river Deguako
Scientific research
Organization and implementation of research on the territory of the valley of river Belay in order to keep the natural and biological resources

You are welcome to have the excursion along the path:

«By the trails of the wild cat. Mysteries and Myths of Deguako»

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